Hydra VSTi/DXi Demo  v.1 2

With the HYDRA VSTi / DXi program you have a synthesizer that can be used with all kinds of electronic music. The HYDRA VSTi / DXi program has three very different models and the user can switch the oscillator routing from one to another.

Native Instruments Reaktor VSTi DXi  v.

REAKTOR 5.1 is a widely versatile application featuring a collection of several hundred software instruments along with complete studio environment for creating wholly fresh individual instruments.


Native Instruments FM8 VSTi DXi RTAS  v.1 10

FM8 embodies the bright, lively sound of FM synthesis. Load patches from classic FM hardware units or use over 1200 presets, including the full library from former product 'Transient Attacks'.

Steinberg HALion Player  v.3 5

If you are looking for a stable, easily handled and affordable sample playback module for VST, DXi, AU or Rewire environments, look no further - HALion Player is your first choice.

Orion  v.8 5

Orion is an outstanding and sophisticated music studio which includes 22 different high-quality generators and effect modules, e.g. drum kits, piano, acoustic guitar, electric bass.

Dune  v.2 1

Synapse DUNE is a program for creation of professional quality audio. Dune comes with three sound banks, each bank contains 128 patches. A Patch is a musical sound that you can play.

BiFilter  v.2 3

BiFilter2 - a high-end quality stereo filter module. BiFilter2 drastically extends the 'filter plug-in' concept to provide today's creative musicians with an extremely powerful multi-effect tool.

Minimoog V  v.2.0

The minimoog V is a faithful reproduction of the Minimoog invented by Bob Moog in the early 70's.

Dimension Pro RTAS Patch  v.1 2

This update provides several new features, usability and performance enhancements and bug fixes. New Configurations -Intel Enabled Mac Support (Audio Unit only) - A new AU package file provides full compatibility on Intel-based Mac Systems.

K-Tuner  v.0.1

K-Tuner is an audio frequency analyzer, mainly purposed for tuning musical instruments. It has some extra functionality for guitar players, but it's well suitable for any instrument - no matter acoustic or electronic.

VAZ Modular Demo  v.3 4

Vaz Modular is a software modular synth, inspired by the classic analogue modular synths. It has an immediate approach to patch creation with modules created, connected and tweaked with a single-layer interface.

Synapse Orion Platinum  v.8 5

Fully featured music creation and production environment. Using the Song Arrangement view, you can easily arrange your patterns from individual generators into a complete piece of music.

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